What defines The Groove Supplier's sound?

Dennis' taste is so diverse that it's hard to define his sound as a DJ.

But a few things seem to come back in most of the grooves he loves and plays: 

- Horns.

It brings joy and energy and it spices up songs! Image funk, disco and afrobeat without trumpets, trombones and saxophones... ouch!

- Catchy vocals.

It's what makes the music accessible for a broad audience. People might relate to the lyrics or they like to sing along with it. And if we do that together, it makes us connect with each other. 

- A good bassline.

You don't want to hear the music, but feel it too, right!? Only the bass can make that happen!

The Groove Supplier is not your average DJ.

He is a trustworthy, easy going person with a serious drive to make people discover new and old grooves that they would have loved to know earlier. With a wide variety of music at his fingertips, good mixing skills and lots of experience being a DJ at different occasions (from business events and weddings to club nights, festivals, concerts and even at silent disco's) it's hard to find anyone else who can read and please a crowd so quickly.

D-Reflection Music   -   KVK: 9879785  -   Amsterdam, 2019